Why Was Funkmaster Flex DJing Love and Hip Hop ATLANTA? What Happen To Atlanta DJ's??? - Dear Mona Scott, I know you’re a busy women with a lot on your plate, but there is something I must bring to your attention. I’ve been living in Atlanta for over 16 years and I am proud to say that I bleed Atlanta colors. We love that our city is rich and diverse musically and historically. Right now, hip hop lives in Atlanta and we’re proud to carry the torch and represent the culture.

On your Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Show (part 1 & 2) you had Funkmaster Flex as your official DJ. You were WRONG for that. No disrespect to Funkmaster Flex and what he brings to hip hop. This is NOT a Funkmaster Flex Diss.
This is about Mona Scott making a terrible decision by not including a Atlanta DJ for the Love and Hip Hop ATLANTA Reunion Show.

Frank Ski, Greg Street, Ryan Cameron, DJ Scream, The Dirty Boyz, DJ Toomp, DJ Jelly, DJ Unk or DJ Montay would've been great choices.

It’s bad enough 80% of your cast is not from Atlanta, You should've at lease had a DJ that represent Atlanta and it’s hip hop culture.

Next year, please get a Atlanta DJ for your reunion show.

Thank You — Futuristic Blogger

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