Spike Lee Documentary "Bad 25" Debuts at Venice Film Festival In Honor of Michael Jackson - Well it would have been nice to kick it in Venice, Italy to check out Spike Lee's "Bad 25". This film was put together to honor Michael Jackson
 and his legacy. Spike Lee was called upon by Sony to put together collection of pieces that shine the light on Michael Jackson's hard work, determination, and extraordinary talent. Below we have outlined the debut as well as some facts about Michael Jackson in regards to some of the mysteries in his songwriting.

The collage of recollections lifts the lid off mysteries like who was Annie, as in 'Annie are you O.K.' in "Smooth Criminal" (Annie is the name of all CPR dummies) and why Michael Jackson sings "Shamon" on the "Bad" title track (a tribute to blues singer Mavis Staples.)
The documentary argues strongly for Michael Jackson's genius, highlighting his achievements as a singer, songwriter, producer, performer, dancer and fashion trendsetter.
"I am not going to say Michael was Jesus Christ," Lee told a news conference at the festival. "But if you look at the performance, he was somewhere else. That was one of the greatest performances, ever, ever, ever. He is not of this world."

"Bad" marked the third (and last) project that Michael Jackson produced with the equally legendaryQuincy Jones. The duo laced the album with a mixture of R&B, pop and rock tunes that ranged from dancefloor hits to tender ballads to introspective calls for social change.

"Bad" was the first album to produce five consecutive No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and was the sixth album to debut at No. 1 in the history of the Billboard 200, spending 38 weeks in the chart's top 10. On its 25th anniversary, we take a listen to the classic album that truly defined Michael Jackson as the King of Pop.

Although "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" was the first single off "Bad," the album's title single set the sweeping, daring mood for Michael's album. "Bad" peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on Oct. 24, 1987. "Bad" -- which was inspired by a magazine story of a student's death -- became Michael's second "Bad" Hot 100 No. 1 and his seventh No. 1 in total.

"Bad" was reportedly intended to be a duet between both Michael Jackson and Prince, but then union unfortunately didn't come to fruition.
Shot in Harlem and a Brooklyn subway station in New York City, it marked Wesley Snipes' film debut and was designed to give Michael Jackson street cred.

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