Quelle Chris "Q-Mixes" Luxury Remixes - New Release

UnsungHipHop.comQuelle Chris is one of the most talented MC’s you have never heard of. Raw, uncompromising and very much his own biggest fan, Quelle has been quietly winning over ears with his rapping and production since 2009’s Blue Mondays. Now, Mello Music Group is excited to announce Quelle Chris has signed a multi-album deal with MMG.
 As an appetizer to the Quelle Chrisexperience, enjoy a set of Q-Mixes (aka The Quelle Chris Luxury Remixes). Pulling from a diverse selection of (mostly) hip-hop, the eccentric rapper and producer has re-arranged some classics into grungy and muddy versions of themselves. He adds grit to grime and flips style on its head when he pitches Cam’rondown to sound like the boogie monster, or when he remixes Madlib into a place just as quirky and mesmerizing as the heralded producers’ own sound. He puts Sir Mix-a-Lot in the middle of a chaotic electronics department and shows how an adequate filter and the right drums makeFiona Apple dope.
Quelle Chris is one to keep an eye on. Heads like DJ House Shoes, Roc Marciano and Danny Brown respect the sound and have been supporting the movement, now it’s time to kick it up a notch. Expect more material from Quelle via Mello Music Group soon.

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Quelle Chris: Twitter Facebook
Mello Music Group:  Twitter Facebook

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