FreashAsFrankie - Presents Dirty Boyz - Da Pimp And The GangstaMost Underrated Rap Duo - Dirty The Pimp & Da Gangsta

General Info

Genre: Hip Hop / Other / Rap

Location Montgomery, Alabama, US

Twitter @DirtyBoyz334
Record Label Blackklown

Type of Label Indie


The Pimp and Da Gangsta,  One of the

hottest duos ever to emerge from the south, the group Dirty has a history
deeper than the deepest reaches of the Alabama River. Hailing from a city and
state, not normally known for producing rap music, Montgomery, Alabama, the
artists known as The Pimp and Da Gangsta are at the center of the current
southern rap revolution. 

Much like another well-known Montgomery resident, Rosa
Parks, Dirty may be from the streets, but they are about the revolution.Musically, mentally and structurally. At face value you might just see the pictures their names paint, a pimp and a gangster. But dig deeper into their catalog, now eight albums deep, and you’ll see that they are so much more. Just as Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on that Montgomery bus in
1955, amidst an era of terror and injustice like our generation has never seen,Dirty has never been afraid to stand their ground. They’re not afraid to take rap music back to the    revolution and they aren’t afraid to bring the street
shit that everybody loves.

Both artists started rapping at an early age. As cousins who
were raised like brothers, growing up in Montgomery, the 12 year old Pimp was a huge influence on the 8 year old Gangsta. These were the days when the duo certainly weren’t known as The Pimp and Da Gangsta, they were merely getting their feet wet. But about 5 years after they started dipping into music, the
group Dirty was born. “That was when a nigga was little,” Da Gangsta remembers, “There wasn’t too many niggas that was rapping in Montgomery like that, there
was a few.

The east coast and west coast was really poppin’ back then,
but my inspiration came from Pimp. I ain’t really say I wanted to rap until I
was around him seeing him do it.” .. .. As the group approached their mid to
late teens they started performing around Montgomery and in cities like
Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama, Gainesville and Tallahassee, Florida, Memphis,
Tennessee and around Georgia. The incredible response they received inspired
them to jump full on into the music business and they released two independent

Country Versatile was their first foray into the industry, but it was

their second independent release, The Pimp and Da Gangsta that brought them to
their first major deal with Universal Records. Universal then released a
revamped, remastered version of The Pimp and Da Gangsta in 2000 to wide
acclaim. “We had the underground scene down there in Alabama so hard.” Gangsta
says, “We had the whole state in shock.” 

Their second major release on
Universal, Keep it Pimp and Gangsta, suffered from a lack of promotion and over saturated rap roster at Universal and prompted the duo to walk away from the industry powerhouse. At the time they were spending a lot of time in
Houston, a major hub for rap music in the south, and they hooked up with J. Prince and Rap-A-Lot Records. .. ..

Their first Rap-A-Lot release, Love Us or Hate Us came out
in 2003,also suffered a lack of promotion without an over saturated rap rooster
just lack of promion and marketing on behalf of the staff with no reflection on
J. Prince, it did spawn the classic club hit, “I Wish,” an aggressive taunt to
the entire world in which, via an extremely catchy hook, Dirty was able to
release all of their frustrations at once. Laced with more than a few
“Motherfuckas” throughout, the single was almost impossible for radio, but
still blew up in the streets. Where Dirty has always been based.

sixth album as a group, and second for Rap-A-Lot Records, Hood Stories, Dirty
is letting the world know that they are still here and are as revolutionary and
hood as ever. As with all of their releases, Dirty covers the street life, the
club life, and many of the aspects of life typical to hip-hop in 2005. But just
as they were when they, didnt't feel they were promoted properly, first
starting out on the label, they are not afraid to talk politics and get a
little controversial on the facts of this record industry. 

Their first single

“Get yo handz off me” covers the issue of police brutality. While many artists
today are afraid to touch on such serious issues, Dirty jumps right into it. ..
.. “We got more messages on the album too.” The Pimp chimes in, “We got a song
called ‘Little Red Yvette,’ which is just talking about young females having a
hard time with life. Struggling on any type of level. Having babies at young
ages, trickin’ for money, doing drugs real bad, you know the real shit that go
on in everyday life. A lot of females struggle with shit, and niggas do too cuz
they didn’t have no one to tell them ‘Naw don’t do that,’ or to take care of
them. It’s saying, you could have did better, we ain’t trying to dog you, it’s
some keep your head up type shit.”

He continues, “We got another cut

called ‘Pray for Me.’ It’s a song for our mama’s telling them to pray for us.
You know we out here doing what we do, and we still go to our knees every night
and pray, but at the same time we feel like they a little bit closer, their
prayers will probably reach God before ours. We trying to tell mama to pray for
us every night.” 

Cuts like “I’m a Gangsta” and “Stop Lyin’” are some straight
street jams like the ones you have come to love from the past Dirty records.
Hood Stories is all about balance. In this day and age when so many rappers are
content to talk about the same old bling bling and their hood stories consist
of nothing but tales of girls, violence and money, Dirty has a method to their
madness. They’ll party, they’ll get down and dirty, but they’ll also help to
elevate their communities to higher levels of consciousness and awareness. It’s
important in this day and age. “If you check our history mayne,” The Pimp
explains, “We always like to fill the youth with some knowledge. Not just
riding down the street with 24’s and not just showing the gold in your mouth.
We like to leave a message on our album, if it’s just one message. We want to
let them know that ‘Hey, we doing this like this, but at the same time my brothers,
we need to do this too.

On their seventh album as a group, and third

and final album for Rap-A- Lot Records, "The Art of story Tellin', Dirty
is letting the world know their personal fomula for there underground style of
rap. The single "Set Up" was a ironic story about a struggle for
survival at all cost, and the end result was a valuable lesson of the
importance of the game. But most of all to be prepared for the outcome. Being
in a real street life situations that could possibly end your life. 

Along with "Rearveiw Mirror" this was a jewel
that got put on the shelf and hopefully on day will be revived, revamped and
remastered for the future as with a few other songs that weren't promoted.
Songs that were so underground dated back to Universal Records. This album was
released in 2006, with very little promotion as well, which lead to the birth
of The New BlacKKlown Records. There was a day that was innevetible, and
it was called Independence Day, nothing like it! Just when Dirty fans expected,
them to be here today, and gone tommorrow, because of lack of promotion and tha
chitlin circut, not knowing the pro's and con's of the music industry, they
made up in their minds that nothing was going to stop them from their ultimate
reality, and that was starting there own label, along with some three members
that had, faith and investment in them, helped start their own independent
label. The New Blackklown Records, with handpicked artist ,that showed loyality
and dedication to the family based label. It was never a dream it was a matter
of time before Dirty decided they best way to promote your business, is to do
it yourself.

Along with Pimp and Gangsta, Adaryl "Booga" Brown,

Derrick"Pullis" Thomas and Ladasia Williams the Ceo's of the new label,
Dirty is bound to hit mainstream and achieve Gold then Platitium status.
Although it will be a lot of hard work and long hours for the label, they are
determine to become the succussful artist they have put so much of their mind,
hearts and souls into. Which leads us to The first major realease on
their on independent label "The first Supper" which is self
explanatory, Narrated by Hottgirl Maximum, The first heavy hood hitter, single
Like "Tryna Get It " Ft. Lil Boosie . A track that allows you to feel
Pimp and Gangsta's unprecidented, by any means nessessary, determination for
success! With the lousianna, heavy weight Boosie Bad Azz, chiming in. The
second single "Badunka Walk" Ft. Paris, the fiirst female artist of
Blackklown Records, which has stunned the whole ATL stripclub scence with the
catchy dance, budunka walk. Its only, started Badunka walkin, all over the
south east region, and is rapidly growing. Apperences on from Khujo Goodie.
From Goodie Mob titled "Born In da Ghetto".

Expressing some of the

hardships of comming from the ghetto's of Alabama. Still un afraid to voice their political veiws on civil rights,and the equality of the black race, not as militants but as advocates. All with not forgetting their roots. Another bombshell, "My City" Ft. BurnOne, Pimp and Gangsta's, lil cuzzin. reppin Montgomery, Alabama. Gotta hear, "Da World" ft. Kezia, a real life story of how the issues of this music industry, family, and staying true
to the game is played . Some obvious flavor comming from the Blackklown Ceo's Dirty ft. Booga, Pullis and Ladasia " Dope Boi" proving, you can come
from the trap to rapA more softer side, of Pimp and G, " If only u knew
" Ft. Rodney (candyman) Wilkerson, proving their heart felt melody, the
duo, showing respect and honor for the single mothers that raised them. With
this multitalented duo, and the integety of the Blackklown Record label, and
determination to promote themeselves, by any means neccessary, it would be best
to describe it to you this way with a quote from, Calvim Coolidge.
"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistance . 

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful
men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'press on' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. So Shall it be for Dirty!

Written by ..Nikay J (Xclusive Mgmt.)

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Dirty  - Hit Da Flo

Dity - Thats Why I


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