Monday, January 28, 2013

The Knux - "Razorblade" - Official Video (Alternative HipHop)

 I really don't think I've ever featured anything like this before, this is The Knux two brothers from New Orleans who formed this HipHop/Rock duo.  And when I mean brothers I mean by blood (LoL), I must admit this is normally not my genre of HipHop.  But this is what I call staying true to yourself and Not Following The Trend 101.  Now I'm a fan of all genre's of music Rock included but I would've never imagine I would like it in this format.  I listen to some of their songs and actually liked their vibe it's pretty damn good.  Now this won't affect my relationship with my Hardcore HipHop, but it is a lovely alternative.  Checkout the video below. "Remember Rappin Duke? duh-ha, duh-ha, You never thought that HipHop would take it this far..." - Notorious B.I.G.