Rexx Life Raj - "Ready Or Not" - (Freestyle) - Official Video

 I just discovered this new Emcee who goes by the name Rexx Life Raj out of Berkeley, CA and let me say this, the young dude got skills.  I'm not gonna to lie, I picked this particular track because I liked what he said about "Freeway" Rickey Ross check it out below you'll see what I'm talking aboutNot to mention spitting over The Fugees's Ready Or Not beat was a brilliant idea. In my opinion Rexx is lyrically better than most of the new young rappers coming out today.  I can see why Agrestic Music Group wanted him to be apart of their team.  We need to support REAL HipHop artist like Rexx, HipHop can only last but so long on  Gimmicks and rhymes talkin' about "Gold"So checkout the video below and you will see what Real HipHop sounds like.  Let us know what you think.

Producer: Bust It Benny 
Video Director: Dakota Wytefoxx
Shot In: Berkeley, Ca