Sunday, January 6, 2013

2 Chains Chops It Up With FUSE Host Ashanti
 The big homie 2 Chainz sat down with Fuse host Ashanti to chop it up about a few topics. Tity Boi reflects on his early career as a member of Playaz Circle, keeping his head up despite the lack of commercial success early on, album leaks, "Spend It" jumping off his solo career, Based On a T.R.U. Story, being a father, working with Kanye West on "Birthday Song" just to name a few.  Now I must admit I wasn't on the 2 Chainz bandwagon at first because lyrically he is not the type of artist I gravitate towards.  That being said I do like his flow and delivery he really has a unique sound that's very catchy.  I had to remember when I used listen to Digital Underground back in the day and say to myself "Were they really lyrical?".  I know as I've gotten older I prefer lyrics over anything else.  But I'm learning to be more open minded with my Emcee selection if the delivery is on point I can dig it.  But more than anything I like how humble 2 Chains is period, not to mention that fact that he's 42 show's me he never gave up on his dream and I love a good Rags To Riches Story.  Check my man out below: