50 Cent Talks To Forbes DVD About Trinidad James 2 Million Dollar Deal

  So my man 50 Cent is back at it again talking about all sorts of things like Mollys, Trinidad James, Street King Immortal, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, G-Unit, and Chief Keef.  But most importantly what does it mean to have a "2 Million Dollar Deal" Fast Forward to 8:15.  He really breaks down the rap deal which is really a loan not money given to the artist.  I wasn't a fan of the "Old" 50 but  I am a fan of this new mature 50 who calls things out they way it is. Checkout 50 Cent below.


  1. 50 been on his business man ish for a long time.


  2. Anonymous06:35

    he pretty much kept it real

  3. Trinidad James is getting so much publicity from people opinions .. its going to be like LIL B