Quentin Taratino Talks To Sway In The Morning About Django Use Of The N-Word

 The legendary filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino dropped in on Sway in the Morning recently to speak about the negative press surrounding Django Unchained. This is a honest movie that reflects on the times of slavery starring Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo Dicaprio and Kerry Washington. Even though Sway said the movie was his "personal favorite movie in 5 years," critics had something else to say about the N-word being used 109 times. Quentin responded to the criticism, while speaking on advice that Sidney Poitier gave him.
"He told me to 'man up. It sounds like you're afraid of your own movie. Everyone knows what you're doing, we're all professionals." I'm going to have to agree with Sidney Poitier on this one, it is a movie thats takes place during the time of SLAVERY, when the N-word was invented I'm sure most people were using it during those times, probably in the open.  Even Kat Williams had something to say about it which is funny since that dude uses the N-word every other sentence.   Yet no one ever talked about boycotting any of his shows.  I watched the movie I thought it was great so when the 3-D version comes out I will be buying it.   Watch the interview below and let me know what you think.


  1. I just dont see the big deal

  2. Anonymous10:28

    the big deal is we dont need a super hero slave, slavery does still exist now except its the modern day version , if this is ok then we cant get mad when the envelope is pushed even further

  3. Everybody always wants a reason to be mad at something. We don't say shit about all the other stuff goin on. But because Spike don't like it, 'we' don't like it. smh