Femi The DriFish & The Out Of Water eXperience

 Happening belated New Year, yeah I'm late but I can say belated New Year up until December 30th of this year, those are the rules, I didn't make them they were on the boys bathroom wall. 

What are you planning to do with the newly unwrapped year? what have you go in store for the world or selfishly for yourself? I always say I just want new problems and be done with the old problems but instead I just get new problems on top of the old problems, such is life. 

So whats new with us? We now have a one stop get all you need to know and find all the product there is on us at Now you know where to find us so now all you need to do is send your friends to come visit the best kept Soul Lyrical Hip-Hop Rock Band from out of the DMV.

We are currently looking for shows in and out of town, especially out of town to stamp all over the American map, so if you know someone, let them know that we avalanche stages and put on one hell of a show.

Our calendar is still filling but first up major gig will be on February 20th in Washington DC, its a FREE SHOW so tell everyone one and meet us there to rock LIVE, check out the flyer for all the information:


 "'...and high energy alternative rock/hip hop band Femi The DriFish ("The Mad Hatter") and The Out of Water eXperience."" — Daniela Toleva,

"Femi has built a continual collaboration with other artists who love this sort of boundary-pushing play. The Out of Water eXperience is certainly included amongst them..." — Dharna Noor, What Weekly

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The Clown With No Circus
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Mad As A Hatter
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Upcoming Shows

"An Evening with Wilma Lynn and Friends" Washington, DC Sat Jan 12 13 07:30 PM  
MLK Event @ CenterStage ft THE 5th L Baltimore Mon Jan 21 13 06:00 PM  
Femi The DriFish & The Out of Water eXperience @ BusBoys & Poets Washington, 20009 Wed Feb 20 13 09:00 PM  
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