Dreezy - Chicago's Female Lyricist - Atlanta Music Promoter

Dreezy - Chicago's Female Lyricist - Atlanta Music Promoter and Blogger
Dreezy - Chicago's Female Lyricist - Atlanta Music Promoter and Blogger
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Birth Name: Seandrea Sledge aka "DREEZY"
Favorite Rapper(s): Meek Mill, J.Cole, Drake

Dreezy is a solo rapper and Native of Chicago’s Southside. She has two younger sisters that love her dearly. She is best known for her singles “Illest Bitch Alive”, “Dreamer”, “Cole Hearted”, and her latest freestyle “First Degree” which is gaining a lot of attention on YouTube.

As a young girl, Dreezy showed an aptitude for music before she could even speak well. She always managed to learn the hooks on every hit R&B song. In her spare time she was always writing poems, or songs to whatever was going on around her. Sometimes her writings were about issues that were going on in and around her home. She often wrote on being different, and despite the challenges of having the common interests of most children her age, Dreezy never let anything come in the way of her singing and writing.

Dreezy discovered that she had a talent for writing in the 6th grade. She was the head of the poetry club and she even performed some of her best works in front of her entire school. Dreezy was involved in the Jazz Band at Dixon Elementary School under the leadership of Ms. Diane Ellis. In 2005, her involvement in the Jazz Band led her to a one on one television interview with a Chicago news reporter by the name of Harry Porterfield, in a segment he reported on called “Someone You Should Know”. Dreezy began performing live Jazz routines at a local Jazz Club called the Hot House located in downtown Chicago. She was known at the time as the “Young Scatter”, where she was greatly influenced by great musicians who were far ahead of her times, artists like Ella Fitzgerald for example. Dreezy’s countless opportunities to perform in front of live audiences made her feel at home. It was then she realized that the stage was where she needed to be.

Dreezy’s focus on her music was halted the following year. She stopped writing in the 7th grade because of family problems. Just before entering high school, Dreezy moved from her mother’s home in Chicago, Illinois into her father’s home in Matteson, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). Realizing music was her passion, she then regained her focus and began writing again, this time her lyrics were harder than ever, the struggles she experienced within the past 2 years built a rage inside of her and she did what she new best, jotted her vengeance on paper, only this time in the form of a new style “RAP”. With her friends backing her up, Dreezy then realized she was slowly coming up and reaching her dreams. Caught by surprise were Dreezy’s parents, who are now realizing that their little girl is making her presence known and that this would be the beginning of a long awaited dream that was bottled up inside and has now inspired Dreezy in becoming one of the hottest female rappers out of Chicago to ever caress the microphone.
Dreezy - Chicago's Female Lyricist - Atlanta Music Promoter and Blogger
Dreezy - Chicago's Female Lyricist - Atlanta Music Promoter and Blogger
Dreezy is determined to make it in the music business, shortly after Dreezy’s comeback, she hit the ground running, releasing single after single. In April of 2012, she released her first mix tape entitled “The ILLustration” hosted by DJ Hustlenomics, that’s doing pretty well considering this is the first release where all of her rap skills are showcased on one disc. Following the release of the Illustration, Dreezy began collaborating on projects with artists like Lil Durk, Sasha Go Hard, and Ricoo. She has performed at a number of local venues such as The Rap Factory, Rich City Skating Rink, Markham Skating Rink, Club Adrianna’s, and Rich South High School to name a few. She was also interviewed this past summer by Power 92 where they also aired her song “Mercy”. Now Dreezy is working on her next mixtape called “Schizophrenia” which is being produced by one of Mac Millers producers, JHill, and HB from Hustle Squad Productions. The name was inspired by her feel of split personalities that shows in her music between her mainstream music such as “ILLest Bitch Alive” and her more lyrical music, such as “Dreamer”. Although Dreezy does not have a set date to release “Schizophrenia”, she has still been working double time to supply her fans with remixes to the hottest songs on the radio up until her release date. Currently a freshman at Northern Illinois University, Dreezy plans on doing whatever she can to take her music to the next level and pursue a full time career in the music industry as a female rapper. Although she's juggling her college courses with her music, she's giving them both her best effort. Dreezy's dream label is to be with rapper Rick Ross's Maybach Music Group, as many call her the "female Meek Mill", but she's not limiting herself to one option. Dreezy also want's to work with artists such as Drake, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Trey Songz, Big Sean, and many more. With the help of #TeamDreezy and her parents, Dreezy is working very hard to climb her way to the top, and will not accept failure as an option.

"They say anything is possible. You gotta' dream like you've never seen obstacles." - J.Cole 

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