C-Moez - "Holy Water" - Officical Video Release

 C-Moez kicks off the New Year (2013) with his new joint called Holy Water and I must admit this track goes hard.  I would have never thought he was only19 yrs old, this dude spitting grown man bars.  He's been rhyming since he was 12 yrs old being inspired by some of the masters in the game like Wu-Tang Clan and DMX.  Coming out of South Jamaica Queens he released his first independent mix tape in 2008 called Instrumental Slaughter 1 which sold approximately 30,000 copies the first 2 weeks.  This young buck is definitely on his way to greatness if he keeps this up.  Checkout his video below, my man is the truth.


  1. Yo, That holy water is tight!! Great Post -- Black Hollywood Couples

  2. i can dig it