Femi The DriFish Presents "Organic Soul TUESDAYS"

 "Greetings, we come in Peace & Virtue, do not be alarmed we're not here to hurt you..." 
Mortal, misfits, mayhem bringers, mermaids, magicians, monsters, & misunderstood souls, I bid you all a happening day and clean underwear. 
Femi The DriFish spent the weekend being a fan of the theater which is something he thoroughly enjoy whenever he gets a chance to experience. So he's promoting this event.

2DAY, 2NITE, Tuesday January 29th will be the FINAL Organic Soul Tuesday. OST will not at Edens Lounge, it will be at probably the most favorite venues it was ever at, 14th Karat Cabaret at 218 West Saratoga Street, Baltimore MD. I'm sure there will be a who's who of people who has ever came though and attended OST over the last 11 years. The end of an art/music space Saga but not the end for our music/art scene in Baltimore