Art Gallery Showing, MLK/Inauguration Day & BusBoys & Poets

 In the Words of Femi:
 "Whats better than positive good people?  If you're even looking for some new music in the Hip-Hop Soul genre check out Nomadic Massive, a band I experienced this past Friday all the way from Montreal Canada . They had me dancing from the beginning of their set all the way till the end where I realized that I was drentched in my own sweat or I peed all over myself (you choose). Good music misses the radio waves all the time so its our jobs to share music that doesn't get the media push with our peers on some ole share the wealth. 

For the last 5 years I've been sharing a house with the most wonderful woman this side of Quebec. Sylvia Ortiz is a Puertorican NYC native, a sister to me and an incredible visual artist who is responsible for my last two album covers of which one of them is a painting in my room (The Clown With No Circus) and the other is her graphic design wonders at work, she's also responible for many promo materials I've handed out over the years. The last 3plus years has been harder for her because she had to fight off cancer twice. Breast cancer was her fist battle and right after she over came that, cancer returned growing out of the shoulder bone of the right arm she uses to draw. I'm not looking for your sympathy just want you to be aware of the trials Sylvia has endured over the last few years and through it all she still found the strength to be creative and produce master pieces."
This Friday several of her drawings & paintings will be on display at an art gallery showing;
REJECT THE GAZE this Friday at The E.M.P. Collective
features the paintings and drawings of 
Sylvia Ortiz.
307 W Baltimore St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201 Opening Party
January 18, 7-10PM
Featuring music, performance, and visual art (HE WILL NOT BE PERFORMING BUT HE WILL BE HANGING)
Free admission! Suggested donation $5-$10

Also this Monday, January 21st at Center Stage, myself and David "NativeSon" Ross as THE 5th L will be hosting and performing at Center Stages National recognized MLK and Inauguration Day celebration along with a who's who cast of community arts programs. 

 Femi The DriFish first major band show will happen Wednesday, February 20th at Busboys and Poets as a free performance from 9-11. The venue packs out very quickly so please arrive a tad bit early to get your seat/space secured.