Roderic Sits Down With Naybesa.Com And Talks About His New Release 'More Is Code2'

A little over a week ago, went out to Tacoma to catch up with Roderic to talk about his up and coming project More Is Code 2: Tha Mantra.’
Seeing that Roderic hasn't dropped any music videos for ‘No Make-Up’ 'Girl I'll Be' and many other songs on More Is Code,’ in this teaser video Roderic tells why he decided to drop a new mixtape only 9 months after releasing ‘More Is Code,’ but more importantly he talks about making sure he won’t neglect ’More Is Code’ and will actually be dropping some new videos off that project very soon. Check out the snippet below!

Stay tuned for the FULL interview where Roderic goes into detail about moving to Atlanta, meeting with T.I., his new project, and how he's grown over that last 9 months.
Until then, check out new music by Roderic 'More Is Code The Mantra Intro' and post your thoughts!

Courtesy Of Naybesa


  1. Anonymous14:09

    dope fresh interview — Black Hollywood Couples

  2. Love the interview

  3. he seemed real relaxed