N.E.R.D/Cam'ron - "What Means The World To You" (3oNe3 & Boy Wonda Remix)


 I discovered these dudes the other day from Columbia, Missouri Flexy and  DJ Merf. both of them around 21yrs of age.  Flex apparently does most of the vocals, produces, and all the engineering work. On the other hand DJ Merf does his thing On The Wheels Of Steel at their live performances.  I point these things out because this is what an artist have to do in order to get notice and survive in the business these days.  You can't just be an artist anymore you have to have the complete package and I must admit these young dudes have talent.  I normally listen to the more hardcore type of tracks but, they remind me of a young DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.  So I can respect their hustle and staying true themselves.  Checkout the video below its pretty cool if they get the right team behind them they would surely blowup.