Dr. Cornel West Is Upset That President Obama Will Be Taking The Oath With Martin Lurther King's Bible

  Dr. Cornel West is upset with fact that President Obama will be touching Dr Martin Luther King's Bible when taking the oath at the inauguration. Really..? ("Com'on son"- Ed Lover) Now for the most part I've always agreed with Dr. West he has always been a positive voice for people of color.  But on this issue I have to go in on this Bible myth.  Why does it make any difference what Bible he uses? The fact is over 90% of everything black people believe in we learned from our oppressors.  If our slave owners were Muslim more than likely most of us would be Muslim as well.  This is stupid to me, we put too much value into material objects especially those that has nothing to do with our original culture. Checkout the video below and tell me what you think.

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  1. somebodys always upset-- I would think he would be honored to have the first black president use MLK's Bible