Dear Freddy E. Buhl Letter - VIDEO


Dear Freddy E ,

You are a very talented young kid ,  I wish someone could have prevented this .
Our time knowing you at Supreme Reaction was nothing but a joy to see you transition and grow into a budding star , it saddens us that we wont ever get to see your full potential .
We hope that you have found peace in a better place and may your soul rest in peace .
Anyone that has anything negative to say about you should be paid no mind , I don’t place blame on Honey Cocaine either your relationship was yours and hers .
All we can say is thank you for the time you gave us, with your videos you made for us  and bringing us laughter . Thats how we will remember you here at Supreme Reaction.
R.I.P Freddy E  you will be missed.We know your somewhere making whoever laugh .

Courtesy Of Supreme Reaction