Will Brennan - The Prodigal Son - New EP Release

In the overly populated musical genre of HipHop, making your presence known as an up-and-coming emcee can be a hard task.  With artists slotting into existing positions of conscious rap, hipster rap, non-lyrical rap etc, finding your lane can come with disappointing outcomes, and working extra hard to get your music out. For Florida born rapper Will Brennan, he finds not having a defined lane to be almost a blessing in disguise.
“I really don’t feel like there’s a lane. I mean now, how it is, you have people like Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean with the new school taking over.  I think that there’s an open lane for everybody,” says Brennan.  “As far as where I fit in, I really feel like on that blog or playlist where a person is trying to hear some relatable content speaking on real life.”

 Following his Rite of Passage mixtape, Brennan’s latest EP Prodigal Son flows seamlessly, with solid concepts and production [courtesy of Julian Cruz and SMKA]. Presented by DJ Burn One and The Wayward Minds, the EP uses The Prodigal Son story in the Bible as a reference for the title; which deals with a father giving his younger son an inheritance before he dies.  The son goes through several journeys and eventually spends all his inheritance to figure out where he belonged the whole time – with his family. For Brennan, his Prodigal Son, story could mean leaving his home and comfort zone to find what he really belongs to be doing – music.

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