7evenThirty - Twenty Twelve (Apollo Brown Remix) - Audio

7evenThirty and Apollo Brown get together to make a fresh remix to the track Twenty Twelve, off of 7evnThirties Heaven's Computer album.
Wake The F#@! Up People..!! 7evenThirty is bringing all kinds of hell for those wack emcees out there how think its a game. After tearing up Atlanta at the A3C showcase, then swinging thru Jackson, Mississippi for a little celebratory event, 7evenThirty brings labelmate Apollo Brown to the table for a fresh mix of Twenty Twelve.
Apollo does nothing short of drop the hammer on this one with the thrown in the trunk mix of the standout track Twenty Twelve. Apollo pares it down to a raw crackle before bringing in organs, running filters, and burying some nasty drums in the sample. Apollo’s sparse mix leaves it wide open for 7evenThirty’s smash mouth intensity. “And you say you Mace Windu, so I sling you out the window/ F#@! you and the Force, I’m the source/ Shine light in your third eye and throw you off course”

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