Hopsin Speaks About God, Brainwashing And Negativity in industry - Video

 Controversial emcee Hopsin sits down with HardKnockTV at his home in Los Angeles for an in-depth interview that reveals many sides that fans don’t often see.
He recalls how seeing concert-goers star-struck by his presence at shows inspired him to give others a formula to success, as opposed to glamorizing money and sex like most rappers do in modern times. Hopsin reveals that he’s always believed in God, but was often unsure of what was “right” until he felt God speaking to him months ago.
Hopsin came into prominence as a self-proclaimed ‘asshole,’ with controversial songs such as “Sag My Pants” attacking the materialism of modern culture and the selfishness of the the music industry. This interview shows a more relaxed side to this fiery entertainer, and reveals more details behind why he acts the way he does.

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  1. yes, i believe the industry i full of brainwashing