Murs X Fashawn - "This Generation" - Album Review

Taking a look at today’s generation through the eyes of two emcees who sit at opposite ends of the age scale, This Generation is a strategically structured LP that looks at the good, the bad, and everything else in between. The project sees Murs, founder of the Paid Dues Festival, team up with 23-year-old Fashawn – the Fresno, California native whose mixtape Ode To Illmatic, a tribute to Nas’ classic debut album, put him firmly on the hip-hop map – as the guys break down what life is really like when you cut through the commercial smokescreen.
On the album’s title track Fashawn spits, “A young black kid brainwashed by rock and rap,” outlining his personal experiences growing up since birth. While Murs on the other hand takes it to a more aggressive reality by detailing the difference in generations; “We used to read guns and ammo/ Crack cocaine left the hood in shambles.” The upbeat, almost Gym Class Heroes sounding instrumental lays a catchy backdrop which draws the listener in to then hit them with a body check dose of the real.

With some help from Strong Arm Steady’s Krondon, Murs and Fashawn introduce you to the meaner streets of California on ‘Yellow Tape’. Incorporating a rags to riches subject matter, the duo touch upon their old stomping grounds and how their come up involved hustling overtime and staying in their lane. With a low key West Coast backdrop, reminiscent of something that 213 might have put out back in the day, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was produced by Daz Dillinger.
‘Heartbreaks And Handcuffs’, which has an obvious frat rap feel to it, plays as one of the album’s finest moments. With an undeniable feel-good factor, courtesy of the happy-go-lucky production and inspirational lyrical content, Murs and Fashawn never sound as much at home as they do on this particular cut. While Murs gets his Dr. Dre on – “2012 the number/ Another summer” – XXL Freshman alumni Fashawn gets into a groove to the point where his vocals sound so comfortable, it’s as if they were made solely for this beat.

Starting the album with ‘Just Begun’, a reintroduction in to the duo’s humble beginnings, and ending it with ‘The Other Side’, where Murs explains that he and Fashawn didn’t really know each other but grew to love one another for their non-braggadocios hood tendencies, each track represents head nodding perfection. With production courtesy of Beatnick and K-Salaam, the amalgamation of genres, styles and subject matters combine to create a unique offering with a pretty distinctive sound.
An unlikely pairing on paper, This Generation goes to show that looking from the outside in doesn’t always work as far as the creative process is concerned. Murs and Fashawn have proved that a collaboration unthought of by the fans can form a demand for something they didn’t know they needed. It’s a bit like the internet in that respect. Who can live without it?
While the album itself might go undetected on many music listeners’ radars, those that pick it up will not be putting it down in a hurry. So who cares if the stagnant ‘Future Love‘ might not be a good fit for the overall tracklisting. The other 11 records will undeniably satisfy your each and every listening need.

 Murs x Fashawn – This Generation
Label: Duck Down Music
Released: September 25, 2012
Buy: iTunes / Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk

Courtesy of Soul Culture


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    Hey good work on the review! Such a dope album IMO, two great MCs.


  3. I'm a fan different but has a lot of flavor

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  5. nice people be sleeping on Fashawn -tp of SISB