Alicia Keys Releases Animated Storytelling App For Children

 Amidst promoting her upcoming Girl On Fire album and supporting the President, Alicia Keys has released a new animated app for children called The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee.
The story focuses on the relationship between a wise grandmother (voiced by Touched By An Angel actress Della Reese) and her eight-year old granddaughter, based on Alicia and her own grandmother, and is mostly set in LeeLee’s bedroom, where users can play a virtual piano and sit at her desk to draw or write in her journal.
The app also features brand-new music  from the singer, and is intended as an inter-generational experience.  “It’s something that a mother and child can experience together, siblings can experience together, something that a grandmother and a grandchild can experience together. My mother and (2-year-old son) Egypt would definitely go through the story and play the games … and write in the journals and draw pictures.”, Alicia recently told The Hollywood Reporter.
“Blue Moon”, the first of The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee‘s episodically released story-packs is available now for select iOS devices on iTunes


Courtesy Of SoulCulture


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