Rome Clientel - The Empire: The Battlegrounds EP - Audio

 My man Rome Clientel has released his The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds EP. The EP features the artists Rav P, Alias, Devon Wright, and Reks.  ATG, Kount Fif (of the Swashbucklers), Chaundon and the Gemstones, Parks, and Mr. Scott are on the production. Check it out below and hit the jump for official tracklist and download.
The Battlegrounds represents the metaphorical battle an aspiring Emcees who are true masters in the art of HipHop.  The now over flooded genre of HipHop, its sometimes make it hard for the "Real" Emcees to see the light of day.  With Emcees like this and UnsungHipHop.Com the revolution is in full affect.  What side are you on?  Check it out Below and see what "Real HipHop" sound like.

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