Sway Sits Down With Alistair Campbell & Michael Portillo - Video

North London rapper & producer Sway made an appearance on BBC One’s ‘This Week’ yesterday (October 18th) for an interesting discussion of how social media can be utilised for politics and public relations. In a discussion with former politicians Michael Portillo and Alistair Campbell, Sway had some enlightening points on the benefits of tweeting and Twitter followers.
The rapper said that his followers gave him “genuine feedback” and that communicating with them via social media helped provide important information about what direction he should follow with his music, campaigns and tours. Speaking for a younger generation, he even went as far as to say that tweeting had become a “necessity” for him; that it was the third thing he did every morning after waking up. Whilst admitting that he doesn’t follow the Prime Minister, Sway commented that were David Cameron to post more tweets about everyday life (as opposed to politicking), the British people would see him less as a politician and more as a “person”.
Indeed, by the end of the short debate, Sway and Campbell (who was in agreement about the positive role of Twitter) had convinced the rather more traditional Portillo that using social media in the right way could positively help with PR.

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