Flosstradamus – X☮ - "Look At The Sky" (Feat. Deniro Farrar) - Audio

 Many people have tried but its extremely hard to get away get away from the “trap” label in dance music at the moment. It’s everywhere, invading electronic genres and leading to amped up remixes of all kinds of tracks.
Chicago-based duo Flosstradamus, comprised of DJs J2K and Autobot, are riding the “trap” wave like they were born to do it. Their remix game has been on point this year, and for me, their intense, “post-apocalyptic trap” EP Total Recall got four glowsticks out of five. When they’re not occupying the sonic wastelands of the future, Flosstradamus can even make pretty, trance-influenced tracks, like this collaboration with talented North Carolina emcee Deniro Farrar. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with.  This is what Real HipHop is all about