UPDATE: Natina Reed's Killers Said They Thought She Was A Dear

October 28, 2012: learned that Natina was killed RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER HOUSE . . . as she crossed the street trying to get some snacks from the gas station on the other side of the road.
According to a TOP MTO insider, Natina crossed Lawrenceville Highway in Georgia on her way to a CITGO gas station. We're told that Natina did NOT CROSS at a pedestrian crossing.
Well, a car moving at a high rate of speed STRUCK Natina. The car did not immediately stop, but after a few miles the couple inside decided to turn back and see what happened. According to the couple they didn't IMMEDIATELY STOP, because they thought they "hit a deer"
When they turned back and saw Natina, they called 9-1-1. And Natina was rushed to the hospital - where she was dead on arrival.
Police are still investigating Natina's death.  It really sounds like it was a true accident, but I still wonder how fast were they going.  Being a speeder myself I speed on highways, I never speed through residential areas for this exact reason.  So it still on the driver to think responsibly when driving through residential areas.  This could have been prevented.

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  1. this is so sad....

  2. but still - driving that fast through a residential area... no excuse.

  3. no excuse they need to do time death by motor v. even if its a deer u stop slow down dont keep going really. FAF

  4. No way a person life should end like this RIP

  5. Jaymee03:52

    very sadd. RIP