Kidult protests against corporate graffiti in "Visual Dictatorship" - Documentary

 Visual Dictatorship is a rather interesting documentary focusing on corporate fashion’s use of graffiti in their products. Parisian artist Kidult strongly opposes the idea, offering his insights through commentary and the vandalism of retail store fronts. His motive is simple: ”The goal is to take back the space taken up by the urban capitalism represented by the multi nationalists.”
Kidult has been using graffiti as a form of protest against corporatism. Armed with an extinguisher, he voices his objections of the fashion world by painting on retail spaces. By “giving them what they love,” he is throwing the very culture, that they are inspired by and profit from, right back at them.
One of his more notable feats was with the vandalization of Marc Jacob‘s New York storefront, which sparked a bit of a fashion war. The end doesn’t seem near for Kidult’s crusade, and one must ask if his revolution will come. We’ll just have to wait and see.
The video, itself, is pretty cool – with a lot of cool shots, although something that quite make sense was the placing of fashion brands, along with some other Fortune 500 logos, on footage from wars. The implied message of that particular sequence, I found, was particularly ill-thought. Fashion brands have very little direct effect with the cause and effects of war. If this was about Fortune 500 companies in relation to war, then that would be an entirely different documentary.
Still a thought provoking watch, press play Visual Dictatorship below and feel free to post your thoughts and opinions.

Courtesy of Soul Culture