Common Rapping With Elmo On Sesame Street "Belly Breathe" - Video

 Hands up if you were educated (in part) by Sesame Street? I definitely was. To this day I still count in this melody (in my head of course) and in the past some of the my favourite artists have made cameos on the show including the likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and many many more.
Carrying on the tradition, the long running children’s edutainment series is now in it’s 43rd season has recruited a host of famous faces to entertain the kids (and me). Take a peek at this segment featuring Chi-town hailing rap legend Common and pop singer-songwriter and guitarist alongside Elmo performing a song titled “Belly Breathe” teaching kids how to cope with anger and frustation by breathing deeply.  All I can say you know you have officially crossed over into the mainstream when you appear on Sesame Street.  I'm not mad at cha get that money and exposure...!!

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  1. SFDotNet15:46

    Common is going to go down as one of the most under appreciated MCs in history, in my opinion. He's so good but often overlooked.