Nas On A More Corporate Level (Co-Founder of 12Society)

As a 20-year entertainment veteran, Nas has a unique, experienced perspective on what it takes to remain visible in the industry’s ever-evolving landscape. In a recent commentary written for TechCrunch‘s e-commerce blog, the Queensbridge MC discussed the importance of artists utilizing technology to heighten accessibility and give a bit of insight into the recently-launched 12Society lifestyle brand.
“More than ever, entertainment is about self-promotion — using the power of your fans through social media to market live shows and new business ventures and move a few records,” he wrote. Nas stressed the importance using tech tools to truly give fans a glimpse into who an artist is and what they’ve got to offer. “The direct connection to the fans is not just freeing artists from the old corporate structure; it’s redefining the relationship between creator and audience. … The power that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram offer is immense. Being an artist today is not only about being creative in what you produce, but finding creative ways to show people what you’re doing.”
One of the ways Nas is increasing his accessibility is through 12Society, a lifestyle brand curated by a six-man “Style Board” composed of recording artists and pro athletes. For a $39 a month, subscribers receive a box full of hand-selected gadgets, clothing and other gear reflecting the chic tastes of these elite entertainers. Through these exclusive kits, the Style Board will “turn you into a taste-maker and trend-setter by picking out products every month that we love and use, all while giving you a great value on gadgets, gear, apparel, accessories and more,” according to the brand’s website.
Along with these goals, Nas says the brand is his contribution to the evolving world of e-commerce — a world he asserts “will change the way we shop forever.”
“I started 12Society in June with the hopes of bringing this generation the new wave of commerce,” he wrote. “Providing my fans with access to products, brands, and technology that they haven’t seen before. Increased accessibility and visibility has always been the future, and finally, that time is now.”

Courtesy of TechCrunch


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