Talib Kweli x Res (Idle Warship) “Beautifully Bad” - Video

 This “Beautifully Bad” video appeared on the Idle Warship Tumblr this morning and it’s another great reason to revisit Talib Kweli and female Philly singer Res‘ excellent LP, Habits of the Heart, which came out last year. The lyrics describe a poisonous, pain-inducing relationship, and the visuals, which were co-directed by the New York rapper, provide a perfect visual accompaniment. After Kweli opens the downtempo track with a guilty verse from the shadows, Res appears against an empty, whitewashed background in flowing, blood-red attire. 

Her heartfelt vocal performance makes the track her own, and to provide a visual metaphor for the pain she conveys so brilliantly, two darkly robed performance artists leap and lunge at each other in the background. You almost forget that, when the track began, this was a couple dancing in harmony.  You see this is HipHop grown up these are some of the topics we need to be rapping about.  Not putting down the new era I'm just saying HipHop should be a even platform for all styles of HipHop to get proper respect and attention.  Believe it or not we are losing the black audience especially black women because of mainstream HipHop.  This is are real fly song check out the video below.



  1. SFDotNet15:35

    Anytime I hear some Talib, it's a good thing! Dope post!!


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    i mess with this

  3. dis a good look #Chilly

  4. Cool right thurrrr... GB

  5. kiko12:06

    always enjoyed his music...

  6. Talib lets me know real music exist

  7. you mean talib lyrics stick to your rib??? RH