French Montana Beefing With 50 Cents

 Having just put to bed his issues with Fat Joe, 50 Cent has involved himself in yet another dispute, this time with East Coast up’n'comer French Montana.
Last night (October 9th), Fifty took to Twitter to call out French over comments the latter made in an interview with Complex. In a discussion with Insanul Ahmed, the MMG/Bad Boy rapper had stated that “50 Cent could have been a lot bigger,” and said that rather than “come in and have a short run,” he’d personally prefer to “have a “Cash Money run.”
When probed further by the interviewer, he said, “I feel like beef hurt him.” Comparing Curtis to his boss Rick Ross, a well-known rival of the Queens MC, he continued, “Ross is on his fifth album, he’s only getting bigger. This is going to be Ross’ first platinum album. 50 came up, sold 10 million. Then after his first album he just kept on going down. You think 50 could come out and sell 10 million now?”
Whilst French’s comments were originally meant to show his aversion to beefing with other rappers, they’ll probably have the effect of continuing the MMG v G-Unit hostility which expressed itself in violence at the recording of the BETs.
Curtis certainly took the comments to heart, launching into an angry tirade on Twitter:
French Montana you ain’t Sh!t boy. You out your league talking about me you hoe.i read your little interview what the fucx is you high.
He continued…
French your Sh!t so weak you never had a song by your self fool. Ain’t nobody’s waiting to hear your verse. Girl
And then….
Do you realize this fool @frenchmontana hasn’t sold one record and talking about sales.
Followed by…
Im not tweeting about this little fool No more.I’m a see him and he gonna explain that’s it.
French then came back with this rather clever response, quoting 50 himelf:
@50cent damnnn homie last year u was da mannnnn homieeeeeee wat da fuuuckkk happen to uuuuuu
Both rappers might have a point, but who needs any of this? 50 needs to focus on making good music again and French has to keep doing whatever it is he does.

Courtesy of Soul Culture


  1. The Beef don't stop

  2. Anonymous14:58

    damn, lol. JayS

  3. he dont want it with 50 50 will end this dude. FAF

  4. All it comes down to right now at this point is good music. Make some music 50 and then you can shut these dudes up. Other than that, his statements were all correct. And I'm a 50 Cent fan.

  5. SFDotNet17:45

    Haha, w/e it takes to keep 50 relevant!!


  6. Hip Hop News Media19:01

    50 goin at his neck

  7. Fiddy old ass need to have several seats

  8. Beef Beef Beef...I hope everyone has good album sales.

  9. lol nice post tho -ws

  10. Anonymous20:53

    50 starting to look like mike tyson after going to jail.


  11. this sht funny! lol i cant totally picture Fif sayn dat silly sht :-D nah hope it dont turn 4 the worse #Chilly

  12. this is too funny cant wait to see what mmg do next 50 killin they whole crew. FAF

  13. Anonymous20:35

    Dame Dash even jumped into this beef and jumped all on 50 look at this