III Conscious - The Pledge (Feat. Cyn Hawkes) - Official Video

  This joint right here coming from my hometown of B-more with the lyrical beast III Conscious doing his thing on this new project called The Essence which features my girl Cyn Hawkes a talented emcee and songstress. It was produced by Cold Legistics and directed by Jay Mastermind. There is no release date on this project as of yet but this track definitely gives you a glimpse into what "Real" Baltimore HipHop sounds like.  Not that lame club BS you might have heard on the radio back in the day. 

"The Pledge" is a track based on the betterment of a people. It preaches liberation, the uplifting of the youth and just rising above hardships & modern oppression of the 21st century. It portrays a militant feel, yet gives off a very positive, triumphant message. "The Pledge" also epitomizes what true and expressive hip hop is all about. I am optimistic that many people growing up in tough environments and those who have suffered mentally, physically, as well as economically, will gravitate to this song and video."