HAS-LO Inherit The Stars (prod. Paten Locke)

Has-Lo has been unceremoniously spitting that raw rap for some time now. Through c o llaborations and projects of his own, like his Mello Music Group debut In Case I Don’t Make It, Has shows that there is more to his hip-hop scene than meets the eye. Has is releasing a series of visuals to accompany tracks from his debut project and remix project, the first of which is “Inherit The Stars”, a Paten Locke remix of the track “Fiber Optics” that debuted earlier today on Mass Appeal. Fellow MC/Producer Paten Locke takes what was a subdued, drum-driven burner and turns it into something a bit more eccentric. A quirky jazz loop serves as the foundation for the re-contextualization where Has-Lo's introspective street rhymes are contrasted rather than complimented. The video is a mind-melting animated affair. Taking cues from Has’ lyrics and delivery, director Nathan Hunter gives us animation that plays like a “mental MRI” in rapid fire succession of converging black-and-white scenes and situations. The track is available on Conversations B, Has-Lo’s remix project of his still bubbling debut "In Case I Don't Make It". Finally, after much critical acclaim, this fall Mello Music Group will be giving In Case I Don’t Make It a proper vinyl release.

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