Willie Taylor: Not Mine featuring Dondria - "NOT MINE", from the multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, WILLIE TAYLOR featuring So So Def recording artistDONDRIA. "NOT MINE" is the latest song to be released from Willie's upcoming mixtape, "The Reintroduction of Willie Taylor", available for free download on September 18, 2012. "I felt that "NOT MINE" was a record that is relatable today for both, men and women as you are able to hear both sides of the story. I am honored to be able to have worked with such an amazing and talented artist like Dondria on this song," says Willie Taylor. "I LOVE this record, and I've always wanted to do a song with Willie. So, when he presented it to me, I was ready to go immediately. It's definitely a topic i believe EVERYONE can relate to; it's so real. I'm currently finishing up my sophomore album and releasing a record very soon. I'm excited because you'll be seeing a new side of Dondria this go around," adds Dondria. "NOT MINE" is produced by Brandon "B.A.M." Alexander (Tyrese, Joe, Mary J. Blige, Tank) and written by Willie Taylor and Ashanti "A. Superstar" Stittiam.

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    Nice song, keep it coming.. hh365