Setting The Record Straight: The 'Stevie J' Chronicles... 'Tammie Grant' Smashes The Rumors!

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Gumbumpers….. You all know how first-hand how wildly popular these reality shows have gotten. Especially, these Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives’ series. It seems that people love drama, negativity and seeing black women being portrayed as baby mama’s, strippers, and side chicks.
The recent wave of drama has fueled so much negative feedback that we’ve seen people being fired or walking away from these very shows.
In walks Love & Hip Hop Atlanta; this started off to me as ‘staged.’ But, as the show went on the drama became more real. In the midst of it all one person has been the attention grabbing ‘ring-leader’ and this time it wasn’t a female…It’s Stevie J, Grammy award- winning producer, who was also known as the ex-boyfriend of famed rapper/actress Eve.
Stevie’s been around the block and then some.
Most recently the show has high-lighted Stevie’s cheating ways, mixing business with pleasure moments and his home issues. I don’t think Stevie nor anyone on the show are bad people I just think that some people make the wrong choices. Which brings on the craziest of situations. Stevie has been linked to so many different women. Recently, the blogs were raving about a woman by the name of Tammie Grant.
Tammie was said to have been preggers by Stevie J. What’you say? Yes, she was ‘rumored’ to have been
You get the picture. LOL

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Well gumbumpers… We’ve had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Tammie to clear the air and let the world know how she got thrown into this ‘ugly’ mix and who she really is.
Tammie seemed to be a real cool and down-to earth chic with some great things going on, and I enjoyed bumping gums with her.
- GumbumpingLady
Peep the interview…..
Who is Tammie Grant?

A survivor! Just grateful for the blessings in my life.
Where are you from?
I live in Calabasas, California
Who are you to Stevie J, and have you ever dated him?
Stevie and I were seeing each other at one time and it was normal. He was one of my best friends. Things didn’t work out at the ending. The things that are happening now were not happening when we were together, once it started to go bad, I moved on. But we are still friends of course.
How did Stevie J treat you?
He treated me good. He shared a side of him that the public doesn’t see. He does have a kind spirit and we’ve had long discussions on spirituality.
How long have you known Stevie J?
A little over 2 years
Have you ever met Mimi Faust, or Joseline Hernandez?
If you were asked to be on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta would you?
No. Stevie had wanted my daughter Taryn Grant who is a singer and signed to our label, to make an appearance on an episode but we felt it wasn’t the right platform for her and declined.
Do you watch the show? If so, who do you like the most and why?
I don’t watch the show
The character that we see as Stevie J on the show is that “really” him and how he is in everyday life? He is hilarious!!!
That’s not the Stevie I know. I was fortunate to see him in a different light. He’s funny, we laugh a lot.
Do you have any kids, if so how many?
I have 3 beautiful daughters. I was a young mom.
Do you know where and how this rumor came about that you were pregnant by Stevie J?
No I don’t and the rumor keeps being added to. The rumors are absurd. Of course, I can have babies. I didn’t know people knew my ovaries. Lol! and I don’t financially support anyone. That’s a joke. I can put people on blast, but won’t.
How has this rumor impacted you?
Since it’s not true, I try to brush it off and move on. Of course I don’t like the mess and being judged. I’ve felt the “mean” in people and their sharp tongues with the name-calling. Naturally it hurts. Stevie and I had a relationship, that doesn’t mean I’m one of those women or I was trapped in a web.
What advice would you give to other women out there that may get dragged into such a scandal?
Bow out gracefully!
What would you want the world to know about Tammie?
I’m not involved in anyway with this triangle, that’s not me or my lifestyle. I have other things I focus on. We ( are in pre-production for a TV show about music with a lot of great people on board. My attention is on our projects and business not these scandals.
What does Tammie like to do for fun?
I like to do many things, I enjoy spending time and laughing with the people closest to me.
Any last words?
We all make mistakes, we learn and grow. It’s unfortunate there is so much bitterness out there. People love to attack and they have no idea about the real story…..if they only knew.
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So, gumbumpers…. Sound Off and tell us what YOU think……..

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