Rasheeda And K.Michelle Twitter Beefing

( 4UMF NEWS ) Rasheeda And K.Michelle Twitter Beefing:
Well as the latest episode of Vh1′s widely popular Love & Hip Hop aired so did the shots on twitter between two of the co-stars. Rasheeda and K Michelle have been going at each other via tweets. All of this beef is allegedly stemming from the beat down Rasheeda got courtesy of K.Michelle during the taping of the reunion show.
Check it out:

The Rasheeda and K.Michelle twitter beef wasn’t one-sided. Rasheeda got her shots in, too. And not just jabs; she got in some hooks and a few eye scratches:

.Joseline swinging on ‘Stebbie’ J was the highlight of last night’s show but Rasheeda and K.Michelle twitter beefing was definitely  gave us some bonus entertainment…

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