LYRICS:  I done came a long way like Virginia slims. so when the track fade out go run tell ten of your friends that I am black god original beginning of ends. Destroy a 16 with pristine deliverance then I will bait you with my hook-line and sinker. Bars infect brain mass turn nimrods to thinkers. I'm opposed to my supposed role as object, I'll bomb your whole project with a verse and some harmonies then usurp all your profits. I'm a bomb shell with shell toes and swell prose a well posed problem for them martians and them goblins. On my 12th planet riddim, with a prism and a saber. Blaze light beams thru the hype scene with a ink pen and some paper. I caught you nodding on the goddess like heroin dreams. Im out your atmosphere, you cant even catch the air I breathe. im sa-roc that's sa-roc the starseed. now let that marinate and wake you out your sterile sleep.

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