Performances and Photos Of Fat Joe @ The 2nd Annual Soulstyce By: Josue Zeta Rojas - Fat Joe was at the 2nd Annual of Soulstyce performing all his hits and rocking the stage. He might want to start thinking about taking out the fat out of Fat Joe because this guy is no longer fat anymore. Fat Joe performed all of his classics from his underground hits to his mainstream hits too. Fat Joe was just rocking it for a whole hour. That is when you know you have a catalog his when you are able to rock the stage for that long. Also at the event they had BMX Bikers who were doing tricks and flips as the acts were performing. Also outside the venue there were graffiti artist doing there thing and also there was a freestyle battle going on too. B Boys and B girls outside breaking and doing there thing also. I mean it was a real hip hop event representing all sides of the culture. (All photos down below are taken by Josue Zeta Rojas). Check out the pictures down below.

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