Murs Hosts Breakestra And Freestyle Fellowship At The LACMA - Last night I decided to get away from the normal chaotic Thursday nights in Los Angeles and chose to attend a show at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (LACMA) which was putting a show that was hosted by Murs and had Breakestra and Freestyle Fellowship performing. This was the 4th installment of the monthly Through The Mic concert series.

Breakestra, a group who has been together for nearly 15 years  put on a show that was a non-stop throwdown of eight folks on stage getting loose and flexing some soulful skills over some serious grooves—both original and deep covers drawn from music’s vast vault of funk—think James Brown, the Meters, early Kool & the Gang, Funkadelic, and Sly & the Family Stone mixed in a gumbo pot. They went on for about an hour and had all different kinds of people in the crowd jamming away to the warm and friendly environment. Check out their video down below

Snaps of Breakestra:

Afterwords, Freestyle Fellowship, who are among the forefathers of L.A. hip hop took the stage. The group of 4 includes – Aceyalone, Myca 9, Self Jupiter, and P.E.A.C.E.  – who formed more than twenty years ago and were staples of the legendary Good Life Cafe scene. The crew had a strong presence right from the start and controlled the crowd for close to an hour. Their fifth and most recent album is The Promise, from 2011. Check out their video down below.

Snaps of Freestyle Fellowship:

Although Murs didn't perform as expected, He was amongst the crowd chatting with fans as well as taking pictures. The total cost of the event was $15, Which was well worth the price of admission. Art, Music, Drinks, Beautiful girls, and perfect weather are all part of the reasons why Los Angeles was rated in the top 10 cities to live in. So if  you're in L.A. for the next event, I highly recommend showing up. Especially since the next one will be free. Who doesn't like free??

Jason Moorecheese & Murs

Videos of the Artists:

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