Have You Ever Had a THRIFTY SHOEGASM????

GUMBUMPER.COM - First for those that don’t know I am Joslyn Slaughter aka the “The Thrifty Fashionista.” I am your eyes, ears and guide to everything hot in the world of thrifting. I am literally addicted to all things thrift. My second addiction like most of my female counterparts are shoes.  There is nothing more satisfying than finding a fabulous pair of shoes especially when they only cost $3.00. Which brings me to my question of the day “have you ever had a THRIFTY SHOEGASM?”
If you are saying to yourself what the HELL is a shoegasm let me explain. A shoegasm is the feeling that comes over you when you see that amazing pair of shoes you just can’t live without. When you pick them up your whole body starts to tingle and you feel good all over. This feeling is heightened when you find a magnificent pair of designer shoes that you know may retail for $300 or $400 but the thrifty price say’s $6.99. If you are thinking how is that even possible I will tell you. Read the story of my thrifty shoe adventure.
I thrift daily which means I come across thrifty treasures often. I even carry a look book of the latest fashions and hot celebrity styles. One of my favorite magazines to look at for fashion inspiration is People Style Watch. Their latest edition shows the hot shoe trends for the season. One particular style of shoe caught my eye, the masculine oxford with a feminine touch. I loved every pair that was in the magazine but of course I could not afford any of them. So to the thrift store I went. After a couple of days of looking a shoe jumped off the rack at me. I didn’t know who they were by, however I loved the leather and suede detail and sleek design.
They had the masculine yet feminine look that is a hot trend for the upcoming fall season. Okay here is where the shoegasm comes in. I look inside the shoe to discover that they are Giorgio Armani. Its gets even better I look on the bottom of the shoe and they say $5.99. Oh and did I mention they were also 50% off, ooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww……………climax. Now that is what I call a THRIFTY SHOEGASM! If I smoked I would really need a cigarette right now.
 Until Next Time Smooches,
meee 2 Have You Ever Had a THRIFTY SHOEGASM???? | The Thrifty Fashionista
The “Thrifty” Fashionista

P.S. I found a fabulous pair of Salvatore Ferragamo flats the same week that I found the Giorgio Armani’s. I love back to back shoegasm’s. I feel so relaxed right now!
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Can you guess who’s fashionable feet are rocking these must have oxfords?

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