810 “Something To Prove” (Video)

The song itself was inspired by 2Pac’s classic joint “Nothing To Lose”, which uses the same Mica Paris sample. 810 talks about his struggles coming up as a young artist, the non-believers that he has to deal with on the daily basis, and explains why he’s far from giving up. It’s an up-tempo, positive, energetic hip-hop track, and we’re sure many people can relate to the message.  The song was produced by Tuelv. The video was Shot & Directed by 810 and Zamark "Z" Fleming.

“Something To Prove” is an international connection, considering I come from Warsaw, Poland and 810 comes from Baltimore, MD, USA. For anyone looking for more music from both of us, they can check us out at: 810musik.com and soundcloud.com/tuelv, and contact us on Twitter @810musik and @TuelvBeats.

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