MURS - Animal Style - Official Video

Ok I was on the fence with this song at first until I read what inspired MURS to do a song like this. I'm not against gays but, if I'm not able to relate to a song I'm not a fan of it. But this song has a powerful message that I'm sure we all can relate to having someone gay in your family. MURS explains what made him write this peace. "The first was to be an advocate for people close to me who are out, and those who have yet to come out. It's also a love song, which is nothing new for me. But with this one I wanted to challenge the listener to ask themselves: Is the love shared by two people of the same gender, really that different than the love I have for my partner of the opposite sex? And finally, I just felt it was crucial for some of us in the hip hop community to speak up on the issues of teen suicide, bullying, and the overall anti-homosexual sentiment that exist within hip hop culture. I felt so strongly about these issues and this song that I had to do a video that would command some attention, even if it makes some viewers uncomfortable. Even if it came at the cost of my own comfort." I give you props MURS a bold decision to make...!!

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