Ghostface Killah - Bad Perm - Interview

Ghostface Killah — aka “Tony Starks” aka “Ghostdeini” aka “Ironman” — recently sat down with Bad-Perm as a guest of the popular site’s Lyricist Lounge to discuss all things Starky Love, including Islam, contemporary Hip-Hop and blogger extraordinaire Big Ghostfase — aka ”The Mighty Hands of Zeus” aka “Thor Molecules” aka “Phantom Raviolis.” Breaking bread with the excellent website after his Prospect Park concert in Brooklyn alongside the likes of Camp Lo and Astro, the Wu impresario opened up on an array of subjects. Another intriguing and revealing installment of Bad-Perm’s Ghostface special feature, The Wallabee Kingpin shot the breeze in typically enigmatic fashion, expounding intelligently on his life and his love: Hip-Hop. Speaking on the influence of religion and philosophy on him and his peers coming up in the game, Ghost explains it all check'em out.

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