Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Getting Married In Two Weeks

 Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose will be man and wife before their little one arrives!
The old saying goes, "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage." Though Amber and Wiz are a very modern couple, if a little unconventional, they intend to stick with tradition where their family is concerned.
It was only last year that Amber was gushing about how she and Wiz plan to start a family. This year, the pair got engaged and revealed months later that Amber is expecting, arguably making her one of the most stylish pregnant women ever! With the baby due early next year, they can't wait to make things official. 
“We’re gonna get married before she has the baby and then do the wedding afterwards," he told  Larry King recently. Wiz also gave an ETA on the nuptials during a visit to Hot 97, adding that he and Amber will get hitched either "before or after I get off tour" at a court house!
"We're gonna get like license marriage. A couple of weeks we're gonna have that done," said Wiz, who noted that a lot of people in his circle didn't believe him at first. "You just sign the papers or whatever and it's like a legal thing. It's like 'Bam! You're married.' And then when you have the ceremony, that's when you invite the family. She can fit into her dress."
Wiz also shared with Larry that he's prepared to be a pop thanks to having a solid relationship with his own father. "I got a great dad. Like, me and my father's relationship is awesome, so I only learned the best things about being a father," said Wiz, admitting that he's very excited to meet his son. “I can’t wait. To have a little me running around, it’s gonna be tight.”
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