The Game Calls Out Sean Kingston For Dating Maliah Michel


 The Game released a new track titled “Stripper” this Sunday. An ode to the stripper ladies providing him with a great time. He recalls his experiences with both popular strippers Maliah Michel & Tip Drill. Apparently he was messin with Maliah before she was poppin and wasn’t too happy when Drake was into her.
As far as Sean Kingston? According to Game she had him “in his trick bag” and “down on one knee”. Game says a “real n*gga” like him was smashin that for free

Game’s story seems to check out too. Check out Sean bringing her out to award shows all boo’d up as his date, meeting her mom and even showing his love for her publicly on Twitter months ago! With these strippers / video girls in hip hop being known for turning tricks and slanging p*ssy with everyone in the game.  Who knows they may be in love or something.
I'm going to have to disagree with The Game on this one because we don't know the intent behind the relationship.  I mean they might really have something special going on.  People change,  The Game wasn't the same person when he first came out on the scene 10 years ago.  Should we really judge a person on their past ? I mean I know we do it all the time but is that rightx? What do you think about this situation?


  1. game is just picking at him

  2. Difficult to judge. She may be using him, them may be in love. Either way, I doubt Game was paying to smash that. Fuck do I know though?


  3. some people just need attention

  4. smh, anyways. -TP of @OceanviewBLVD.com

  5. The game just mad cuz she aint fuckin him no more. He's a phony and so are all these industry niggaz talking shit bout her knowing their dying to fuck her. Hid song stripper praises her it's not putting her down. Obviously game was feeling her and don't wanna admit it!

  6. I haven't tried on the internet dating games but yes supper with someone you don't know can get disturbing from the second you sit down , excellent publish liked studying it .