NeNe Leakes Sits Down With "The View" About Being Bravo's #1 Show

 This past Friday, NeNe Leakes sits down with the ladies of The View Whoopi GoldbergSherri Shepherd, and the rest of the ladies. It's now official, The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the most successful show in Bravo's history. Because of this fact, a lot of doors are has opened up for NeNe like her recurring roles on ’The New Normal’ and Glee.  She has definitely taken primetime by storm, which has stared up some jealousy among the other less successful housewives like Kim Zolciak-BiermannLet's face it Kim is a high price prostitute with no class or integrity.  The reason why Kim and NeNe friendship didn't work was because Kim kept forgetting she wasn't a black woman.  So Kim goes and buys are very own slave,.... oops I mean black friend "Sweetie".  Look I'm not saying different races can't be friends, but Kim doesn't respect the sensitivity of what it means to be a black woman.  Stop acting like your issues are the same as mines.  The fact is if Kim was black and she was receiving money from a "Sugar Daddy" she would have been ridiculed by public.  Any way don't get me started, this is just my opinion fam from a black woman's point of view. You tell me your thoughts after you watch the video below.

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