Styles P - “I Know” - Official Video

  Styles P has released another set of visuals from his forthcoming project, The World’s Most Hardest MC (out this Tuesday) and once again they’re testament to his gritty, street-ready style.
Whilst the split screen clip for his Jahlil Beats-produced lead single “I Know” doesn’t tell a story in the way his chilling “Araab Styles” did, its triple-divided style makes it well worth a watch. As the video’s director Dan-The-Man takes us on a fly-on-the-wall tour through an abandoned dopehouse, his shots alternate between close-ups of one of Styles’ “thick dancers” and some of the other sights S P sees daily, giving us an insight into the world of the former LOX man. It’s a strong visual accompaniment to Styles’ stream of consciousness reflections.
For more of these reflections, pre-order The World’s Most Hardest MC via iTunes. Until the new project arrives, watch the video below: