Avant & Keke Wyatt - "You & I" - New Video Release


 It's been a longtime since the beautiful Keke Wyatt of R&B Diva's  and Avant did a duet together. The duo is lethal when making nice, soft and romantic music for the grown up and matured crowd, Noticeable single of all time from Avant & Keke was "My First Love" which was a instant hit back in the year 2000.

The duo recieved high praise from music lovers all around the world to be able to channel another  R&B duo René & Angela who originally performed the song first back in 1983.

Today they're back it with new song and video entitled "You & I" which in the song two lovers give re-assurancethat the love they have for one another will never change. This single will be feauted on Avants new up and coming album"Face The Music" Checkout the video below:

Courtesy of HHN247

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