Ice Cube - “Everythang’s Corrupt” - New Music Video

 One of the best qualities Ice Cube possesses as a rapper is his ability to get in the face of his listeners. His best albums have shown he prefers to provoke than to shy away from the big issues, and if new single and title track ”Everythang’s Corrupt” is anything to go by, his forthcoming album (his 10th) will do exactly that.
With the presidential election just around the corner, Ice Cube decides to drop a video exposing the widespread ills of American politics and society. Whilst he rants over a sample of Betty Wright’s 1968 classic “Girls Can’t Do What The Guys Do”, a relentless barrage of recent news clips hammers home his message- that no-one is safe from institutional and individual corruption. The faces that flash on screen encompass everyone from sportsmen whose careers were built on lies, to bankers whose careers were built on greed, playing out like a sort of modern Dante’s “Inferno” , before the clip explodes into natural disasters, mass protest and police repression.  Ever since Cube was in N.W.A. he has been expressing his feeling about what goes on in the "Hood".  Cube has traveled the world and seen many things yet he still tells it like it is on a global level.  That's what a true artist does he don't just go along with the trend he/she expresses him/her selves despite the criticism.  Check him out below.


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